Children of all ages benefit from the practice of yoga; from pre-school to teens, yoga postures and yoga inspired activities can help stretch the body and mind and help children to manage the process of growing up calmly!

Through the practice of yoga, children learn body and self-awareness, improving balance, coordination, self-acceptance and self-confidence as well as increasing flexibility.  Through breathing exercises and breath-awareness within postures, children improve the flow of oxygen into the body, aiding concentration, managing energy levels and promoting balance of emotions. 

Yoga can help children to make peace with their place in the world as they struggle through the realities of growing up in a high pressured, hyper active, highly demanding world.  Their yoga practice can help them to manage symptoms of stress, like anxiety, as well as spend some quality time getting to know themselves.

As a non-competitive activity, children with low self-esteem begin to feel at ease within a group environment and start to lose their inhibitions and self-enforced limitations.

The classes are designed to deliver these benefits in a fun and playful way enabling the children to release some energy in a constructive way, whilst building a healthy body habit.

Classes can be given in a school or social club environment; or in smaller groups, organised by a parent and held in your apartment/building.

There's a lot of discussion of yoga being useful as a tool for treating behavioural/concentration problems like ADHD & autism but on a more general level it's a series of exercises that can help kids de-stress as much as it helps adults de-stress.


A testimonial from the father of one of our students: “My daughter does not wake up easily in the morning, but Wednesday mornings at 7:00 are made a little easier when I get to whisper the magic words, "You have yoga class today" in her ear.  She regards yoga as a special time and, more than any other physical activity, she is very proud of the success she's achieved in class.  She can't wait to show us a new pose or game every Wednesday night.  Moreover, for a seven year-old who experiences an uncommon amount of anxiety, she has made great strides in learning how to calm herself down.  She even told her mom and me that we needed to start practicing yoga again so we could relax a little!  We will continue yoga with her on vacation this summer, and can't wait until after school classes with Emma and Wlad start again next year.”

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