In addition to offering classes in yoga asanas, we also run workshops in english:

- kriya cleansing techniques                - yoga asana intensives

- pranayama/breathing techniques      - yogic diet

- introduction to ayurveda                  - vegetarian cooking courses

- Karma Yoga                                     - Yoga Philosophy

- Stress & Yoga        

If you have a studio or an event where you would like to hold workshops in these areas or you represent a group interested in receiving one of these workshops, please contact us to discuss venues, audience and schedule.

Previous workshops: 

Vegetarian Cooking Courses

Vegan breakfast banquet: 

Almoçadhana: Karma Yoga  

01/05/11: Karma Yoga.  Understand better the universal law of Karma; how it influences your life & most importantly, how to manipulate it in your favour! 

Alimentação do Yoga

20/03/11: What relationship does the diet have upon your mind, body and yoga practice? Learn what, how and when to eat to support your mind & yoga practice!

 Almoçadhana: Feed your mind as well as your body! 


Sonia: "Adorrreeeeeeiiiiiii este almodharma! Quero agradecer ao casal, seja pelos ensinamentos e pelo almoço. Gostei muito dos convidados também! Ficou com gostinho de 'quero mais'"

27/02/11: Raja Yoga Part One Workshop followed by a delicious vegetarian lunch!

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