"Emma's yoga teachings encourage a generous spirit and rigorous physical attention. With this practice, even just once a week, life-improving benefits accrue." 


"I began my work with Emma in a small group setting about a year ago. I had some real back pain from moving and travelling, and pinched pains in my shoulder.

I am over 40, have two little boys and am basically out of shape.  

Emma has through careful and detailed work helped me to recover my lower back and shoulder. Her guidance as a teacher is deep and subtle. Her patience and encouragement are unwavering. Her discipline is inspirational.

I have had the chance to practice with many teachers over the last 20 years. I can say with confidence Emma is one of the very best.  To practice with Emma is to learn to be patient with oneself, to persevere, and grow both in strength of body and mind."


"Emma gets to know her students quickly and this makes the class intense, smooth and very relaxing. I love hatha yoga because it seems like the perfect series of postures. With Emma, it seems even better because she is wonderful at guiding us through the asanas, making our physical and mental confidence grow after each class. I can say without a doubt that having yoga classes with her has made me healthier and stronger. It also made me improve my vocabulary in English ;)"


"Achei Emma pela internet. Google.

Apos poucos meses, o resultado fisico apareceu.

Tamanho da calca 44 para 40.

Devido ao extremo estress do trabalho, o que eu realmente procurava era a paz.

Essa nao precisou de meses. 

Reencontrei a paz e bem estar logo na primeira aula.

Minha paz esta de volta - Return to peace.



"Since I had my first yoga class I realised that it was the sort of experience I'd always been looking for in my life. And the most fascinating thing about yoga is that every day you have a different feeling awakened by the practice.

During a yoga retreat we can experience an amazing feeling of inner peace that we never get in our daily life in the city. We have the opportunity of going deeper in the practice and do asanas we never thought we could. Furthermore, the workshops are informative with interesting subjects." 

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