returntopeace yoga retreat - serra da cantareira, são paulo.

30th november to 2nd December, 2012 

Spend a wonderful weekend of Yoga, Meditation, massage, Kirtan, great food & great company in the heart of the Serra da Cantareira.

In your free time take a walk in the beautiful Serra da Cantareira or simply spend time in the garden relaxing, away from the hustle & bustle of city life.


17h+         Arrivals

19h         Hatha Yoga class (optional)

20h30 Dinner & Welcome/Introduction

21h30 Guided Meditation & Kirtan


7h15          Pranayama & Meditation

8h – 10h Hatha Yoga class

10h         Breakfast

11h30 Workshop - an introduction to yoga

13h30 Lunch

15h         Nature Walk (optional)

17h00 Hatha Yoga class

19h         Dinner

20h30 Gong Meditation


7h15         Pranayama & Meditation

8h – 10h Hatha Yoga class

10h         Breakfast

11h         Workshop - expanding into being

13h         Lunch

14h         Nature Walk (optional)

17h         Departures


DATES: Friday 30th November to Sunday 2nd December, 2012.

LOCATION: The Prana Prana Ashram in the Alpes da Cantareira, São Paulo.

DAY VISIT: It is possible to attend just for the day for R$150 if you would like to participate but cannot stay overnight.

MASSAGE: Pranaprana will be offering holistic treatments at the ashram throughout the weekend.  Please consult prices upon arrival.

EXTRAS: Check the weather before! It is a little cooler in the Serra than São Paulo, bring warm clothes & a blanket if necessary. Please bring sheets, pillow & towel.


R$450 for 5 or 6 bed dormitory with private bathroom or yoga room accommodation. 

A non-refundable holding deposit of R$100 will secure your place until full payment is required by 30th October (please speak to us if you need to discuss other ways of payment). 

Call: 11 6442 5901 (TIM) for more info.

"Since I had my first yoga class I realised that it was the sort of experience I'd always been looking for in my life. And the most fascinating thing about yoga is that every day you have a different feeling awakened by the practice.

During a yoga retreat we can experience an amazing feeling of inner peace that we never get in our daily life in the city. We have the opportunity of going deeper in the practice and do asanas we never thought we could. Furthermore, the workshops are informative with interesting subjects."   ~ Rodrigo, 'retreat to peace' December 2011

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