The body was made to move! 

Yoga can help you move your body to help tone and flex muscles and tendons whilst also toning the internal organs and major glands of the body. Not only do you get stronger and more flexible as you become more body aware, coordinated & healthy but your body's endocrine & immune systems are stimulated & nourished to help you feel more balanced emotionally & mentally.

Yoga can be done by people of all ages, of all abilities.  

Classes are tailored to suit the group dynamic & individual postures can be modified to suit individual abilities. You do not have to be flexible to do yoga! We all have to start somewhere & yoga helps us get more flexible!  It is especially good to help counteract tight hamstrings for people who do a lot of leg work, (running, football etc).

take a time out of city life to breathe your way through a series of postures to strengthen and lengthen your muscles and your mind.

Private classes for beginners & experienced practitioners alike.

Please contact Emma at to discuss your yoga needs!

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